Measuring Your Head BY ILONA HAIR

Authored By Bianca Moise

Make sure to choose the proper size for your wig to ensure maximum comfort and security. Most adults will wear an average size although the amount of your own hair you have underneath the wig may affect your size requirements.

There are 3 sizes of wigs: Petite, Average and Large.

    • Petite fits up to 21.5”.

    • Average wigs fit heads from 21.5" to 22.5". All but a few of our customers fall into this range.

    • Large fits heads 22.5” to 24“.

Measuring your head:

To determine the size that’s right for you, measure your head size by taking the following measurements.

Before you measure, make sure to flatten out your hair so it will not be in the way. Then just lay the tape measure gently around. Do not pull or tighten the tape measure to ensure a more accurate measurement.

There are 3 primary measurements:

    • Head Circumference: This measures the distance around your head. Starting at the center of the front hairline, place the tape flat against your head, going just above the ear towards the back of the head, keeping the tape at the nape of your neck and go around to the opposite side of your head, just above the opposite ear and returning to the center of the front hairline. This is the head circumference measurement. If you only make one measurement, this is the one you need.
      Circumference = _______ inches.

    • Most wig circumferences can be adjusted up to 1 – 1 ½ inches.

    • Front to Nape: This measures the length of your head from the front to the nape of your neck. To determine where the nape of your neck is, tilt your head back and look up. Where your neck bends and may even develop a skin fold, is where your nape is. You want the bottom of the wig to sit right above this area so that when you do tilt your head back that far, your wig will not shift on your head. This area is often right at the occipital bone, but be sure to take the measurement with your neck bent down so that you are looking at your shoes. Starting at the front hairline, measure directly across the middle top of your head to the area that you have determined is your nape.
      Front to Nape = ____ inches.

    • Ear to Ear: Measure your head from the top of one ear, over the crown to the top of the other ear.

  • Your wig should settle into your natural hairline, a few inches above your eyebrows. The back of the wig should come down to the natural hairline (nape) in the back. Most wigs have an adjustable tabs or Velcro strips in the back. These tabs allow you to adjust the circumference of your wig for the best and most comfortable fit.

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