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The Mission And Vision Of ILona Hair Company

Ilona Hair Company was founded in Miami, Florida with the ambitious goal of becoming a leading brand in the hair and beauty industry. Ilona Hair Company’s enterprising goal of leading the industry in record time will prove to be no problem with inspiring leadership, top quality products, and consumer-friendly prices that fit in well with the tightest of budgets. Ilona Hair Company has been thriving in Miami, Florida for four years and was founded in 2012. The manufacturers of Ilona Hair Company are also the owners of Ilona Hair and are able to cut out the middle man to deliver the best products at the best prices. Enjoy the difference with Ilona Hair.

Quality Hair For Less

ILona Hair Company’s vision is to provide the best quality hair at the most affordable price to wholesale customers, both online, in store, and in showrooms on location. When customers begin searching for wigs and hair extensions, two of the most important factors in their decision are quality and price. Hair products should help customers look sleek, stylish, and completely natural, but still fit within budget. Good hair is important to everyone, and ILona Hair Company provides quality looks for men, women, and children. It is their crowning glory, and it is with this vision in mind that Ilona Hair was created. ILona Hair products are quickly gaining attention for the high quality they offer. The company recognizes that different types of hair have different needs. To help all customers receive superior quality products, regardless of their hair type, ILona Hair has produced several different collections. Two of the main categories are the African American Collection and the European collection. Each collection is tailored to creating hair products that reflect the unique needs and styles of specific hair types. Some hair types require very high maintenance to maintain their health and luster, while other types can thrive with minimal maintenance. Every person has hair needs that are unique to them, and ILona Hair goes above and beyond to meet those needs.

Customer Relationships

ILona Hair believes there is more to building a hair product line than just mass-producing wigs, hair extensions, and related products and selling them to salons, in online stores, or in their own retail stores. We believe it is critical to build a personal, long-term relationship with the customer and we want these relationships to be built on trust and loyalty. We will be loyal to our customers by treating them as our top priority, and build trust through consistent superior quality of products and services. Customers want to know that the company producing their products cares enough to listen to them, understand their needs, and work to create a full line of products to help them each step of the way. It is our firm belief that Ilona Hair understands this best. The difference between a company that is in the business to make money and a company that is in the business to passionately fulfill a need can be seen in how they treat their customers and in the quality of products and service they provide. ILona Hair understands there is a huge demand for affordable quality hair, and that the market is brimming with retailers, but what sets the company apart is a passion for this industry, and a desire to cultivate a lasting customer relationship. Caring is more than providing a good service; it is going above and beyond to ensure that every customer’s needs are met, and that they are not just satisfied, but genuinely pleased with the service and products. At Ilona Hair, our number one priority is ensuring that our customers are sincerely satisfied with their service and are in love with their hair and the products they’ve purchased and used.

A Lifetime Of Satisfaction

There are many retailers in the industry that claim to offer good quality hair at an affordable price, but unfortunately that is usually not the case. The hair and service offered is either subpar, looking great at first but not lasting, or the quality of hair is great but is not truly affordable. It’s important to us that the customer is satisfied, not only at the time of service, but for months after.

Beauty For Everyone

We also understand that those purchasing hair may be suffering from any sort of ailments or diseases and have little money left over after medical expenses to purchase hair. Therefore, it is important to us at Ilona Hair that we offer not only fine-quality hair, but at a decent and fair price. Every person deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin, especially those who are suffering. ILona Hair also believes in the importance of being active in the community and reaching out to those who are need of help or assistance. For this reason, we are active participants in the fight against cancer. This devastating disease affects everyone in the community, both the patients themselves and everyone whose lives they touch. ILona Hair actively works to combat this disease as a company. ILona Hair truly cares about its community, and the welfare of others. We don’t want to just provide top-quality hair at affordable prices, we want to provide happiness and comfort as well. Many people who suffer from hair loss for one reason or another feel bad about themselves, and avoid going out to prevent people from staring or gawking at them. Many times, this results in those who suffer from hair loss falling into a depression. We at Ilona Hair want to prevent such heartache and ease difficult times by providing great hair that will allow people to walk out their door and face the world with confidence and peace of mind.


ILona Hair is perfect for those looking for high quality hair and styles that fit reasonably within their budget. Ilona Hair sells products at wholesale prices to stores and salons, while also offering them directly to customers from their own retail stores. Anyone who is in the market for fine-quality and affordable hair can find the perfect match for their needs at ILona Hair Company.

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