Authored By Juan Denis

Have you ever wanted to take you look to the next level, but you’re unsure of how to do it? When you visit our Miami wig store at Ilona Hair Company, we can help you take your look and turn it into something you’re confident, happy, and comfortable with using any one of our hair pieces. However, if you’re ready to leap getting a new wig on your own, you need to make sure you’re taking the proper measurements before ordering. We’re going to give you the guide on how to take the right wig measurements, step by step, so your next hair piece is a comfortable and stylish fit.

  1. Measure around your hair line – The first step in taking proper wig measurements for your head is to measure around your hair line. Using a flexible measuring tape, you want to get as close to the hair line as possible – following the nape of your neck and around your head.
  2. Measure from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck – The next measurement you need to take is from the top of your forehead by where your natural hair line starts, over your head, and to the nape of your neck where your hair line ends.
  3. Size from ear to ear, on the front of your head – Using your tape, you want to measure from the top of your left ear, over the front of your hair line, and to the top of your right ear. This measurement helps to ensure that the cap of your hair piece from our Miami wig store fits correctly and does not slide forward.
  4. Measure from ear to ear, over the crown of your head – The crown is the top part of your head, through the highest, most central area of your skull. This measurement goes from the top of your left ear, over the crown, and to the top of the right ear to size out the center part of your cap.
  5. Determine the sizing from each of your temples – Taking your tape; calculate the inches from your left temple, across the back of your head, and to your right temple. This measurement helps to get an accurate cap fit on the back of your new hair piece, ensuring that it will not slide backward while you wear it.
  6. Size the nape of your neck – Holding your tape as flat and snug as possible, measure from the left to the right side of the nape of your neck. This will help to make sure that your hair piece is long enough, and that it will look natural to your existing hair line when wearing it.

If you’re looking for additional help with sizing your next hair piece, contact us at our Miami wig store for assistance. Give us a call today at 1-844-682-7209, and let us show you the difference at Ilona Hair Company.

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