Authored By Juan Denis

When you purchase your first hair extensions, it’s important to know how to take care of them before you take them home. Many people are under the impression that since extensions can be so easy to put and take out of your hair that maintaining them should be just as simple. Depending on the type of extension, hair texture, and hair fiber you have, this isn’t always the case. Here are few tips when it comes to taking care of your hair extensions to make sure they last for many years to come.

Be familiar with what products to use on them – When you’re learning about what type of hair care products your hair extensions need to prolong their use, you need to first look at the hair fiber. What your extensions are made of – either real, human hair or synthetic hair – is the key to learning how to maintain their condition. Discussing with your hair professional or stylist about what type of products to use on them so they don’t dry out or become faded is essential in keeping your extensions looking great.

Adapt to the type of brushing you need to take care of them – Whether they’re sew-in extensions or clip-in, the way you brush your hair extensions is crucial in keeping them in tip-top shape. While they could be similar to your actual hair in texture, length, and overall feel, they could require a different brushing technique than the rest of your natural hair. Most extensions require a gentle, soft brushing technique and a brush with flexible bristles. Starting from the bottom of your extension – holding the top portion taut – will help to keep your extensions from shedding.

Learn their washing routine – Since your hair extensions are not directly growing out of your head, they do not have the same oil production from your scalp as your regular hair does. They will receive some residual oil from your scalp by being close to it; however, they will not become quite as oily as the rest of your hair. Learning about just how often and when your hair extensions need to be washed is a crucial part of your hair maintenance routine.

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