Authored By Juan Denis

You’ve purchased your first set of hair extensions and are eager to put them in. However, when you wear them for the first time, you notice they do not look naturally blended with the rest of your hair. This experience can be frustrating and disappointing, especially if you’ve been waiting to transform your look with the help of extensions. There is good news, though: you can blend your natural hair with your extensions so that no one will be able to tell where your new hair ends and begins! Here are a few quick tips on how to properly blend your extensions with the rest of your natural hair, so you have the most cohesive, stylish look possible.

Add texture – A quick and easy way to blend your hair extensions with your existing hair is to add texture. You can add a bit more body to your hair by creating loose, beach waves with your straightener or by adding soft, flowing curls to your hair with a large-barrel curling iron. Adding some form of texture to your hair helps to blend the line between your hair extensions and your existing mane, creating a natural, melded look.

Color-match your extensions – It’s always disappointing to find out that hair extensions you ordered do not match the rest of your hair. Additionally, you do not want to wear what you’ve ordered because it doesn’t match the rest of your hair. This is something that happens more often than not when ordering extensions because what you’ve purchased will never be a complete match to your hair’s tone, color, and shine. That’s why we always recommend that you take your extension to be color-matched by a salon professional, so they’re naturally blended with the rest of your tress.

Trim it up – Another common faux pas when people order their hair extensions is ordering a set that is way longer than the rest of their hair. Of course it is a good idea to get extensions that are longer in length to the rest of your natural hair, however going with a set that will put Rapunzel to shame isn’t going to do you any good. As a rule of thumb, order extensions that are long enough to achieve the look you’re going for and have your hair stylist trim it to be appropriate to your hair length. Trimming the extensions to blend naturally with the rest of your hair without a large, apparent gap in between is the best way to look like your hair grew overnight.

If you’re looking for hair extensions that will help to transform your look, visit us at Ilona Hair Company today. Call us at 1-844-682-7209 for more information, and learn how we can help you get the look you’ve always wanted today.

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